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Parent Testimonials

I instantly knew this was the right place...

‘My son has been training BJJ for 18 months in a place in Stockport. His session was only 45 minutes

long and only trained it once a week. He has never been tapped out in his gym in over a year and

dominates his opponents. We heard about predators from a friend and thought we would try it out

on a Saturday session between 3pm and 6pm. My son is aged 12 and was truly humbled by a 10 year

old who tapped him out on numerous occasions. After the session I saw my son walking towards me

smiling. I instantly knew this was the right place to bring my son. My son has done only 4 sessions at

Predators and we have clearly seen a huge improvement to his technique. I personally believe this is

the best place in Manchester for BJJ. It is such a high level of training. I would highly recommend this

gym to others. I recommended predators to my close 2 friends who both came down and watched a

session. Since then they have both signed their kids up.’

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